Academic Year 2016-17, 2017-18 & 2018-19

Academic Year 2016-2017

HolidayAcademy Closes (PM)Academy Re-Opens (AM)
  Monday 5th September
Autumn Half TermFriday 21st OctoberMonday 31st October
ChristmasFriday 16th DecemberTuesday 3rd January
Spring Half TermFriday 17th FebruaryMonday 27th February
EasterFriday 7th AprilMonday 24th April
May DayFriday 28th AprilTuesday 2nd May
Summer Half TermFriday 26th May

Monday 5th June

School ClosesFriday 21st July


Training Days - school will be closed to pupils.

Thursday 1st September

Friday 2nd September

Friday 21st October

Friday 17th February

Monday 5th June

Academic Year 2017-2018

HolidayAcademy Closes (PM)Academy Re-Opens (AM)
  Monday 4th September
Autumn Half TermFriday 27th OctoberMonday 6th November
ChristmasFriday 22nd DecemberMonday 8th January
Spring Half TermFriday 9th FebruaryMonday 19th February
EasterFriday 23rd MarchMonday 9th April
May DayFriday 4th MayTuesday 8th May
Summer Half TermFriday 25th May

Monday 4th June

School ClosesMonday 23rd July *


Training Days are:

Monday 4th September

Tuesday 5th September

Monday 6th November

Monday 9th April

Monday 23rd July *

Academic Year 2018-2019

HolidayAcademy Closes (PM)Academy Re-Opens (AM)
  Monday 3rd September
Autumn Half TermFriday 26th OctoberMonday 5th November
ChristmasFriday 21st DecemberMonday 7th January
Spring Half TermFriday 15th FebruaryMonday 25th February
EasterFriday 12th AprilMonday 29th April
May DayFriday 3rd MayTuesday 7th May
Summer Half TermFriday 24th May

Monday 3rd June

School ClosesMonday 22nd July


5 training days yet to be arranged.