Holidays in Term Time

Dear Parents/Carers


I would like to introduce myself as a new member of staff working for Grange Lane Infant Academy. My name is Sue Middlebrook and my job is Attendance Improvement officer.

This means I shall be monitoring school attendance very closely and visit families whose children do not achieve the Government target of 95.5% attendance.  As you have already been informed, new Government legislation has been introduced since 1/9/13 regarding the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices for holidays taken in the school term. We have to work within these guidelines so I hope you will consider this before requesting a holiday during the school term. (Children are at school only 190 days a year which leaves 162 days when they are not).

You may already know that parents in Doncaster and across the country are prosecuted for poor attendance at school. In fact, during the summer holidays, one family received a fine of £1,226. Prosecution is always the last resort as our first consideration is to support you to give your children the best educational start you can. We know children are on occasion ill but most of the time they are well and can attend school every day. I am sure you will be interested to note that Pheasant Bank Primary Academy has been in the Top 10 of best attended schools in Doncaster, and Rossington All Saints Academy is the best attended school.  Let’s work together to improve the attendance of all Grange Lane pupils too.

Please contact me at school if you would like to discuss this letter or any other matter regarding attendance?