Transition to Feeder School

The majority of children in our school transfer at the end of year 2 to Pheasant Bank Academy. Transition occurs in the summer term. Teachers from Pheasant Bank liaise with teachers from Grange Lane and meet the children at Grange Lane. We also work closely with their Inclusion Manager and Family Support team. We ensure that children with additional needs have the opportunity for more visits to Pheasant Bank if this is appropriate.  Children are given the opportunity to visit Pheasant Bank for the morning and take part in activities with their new teachers and the year 3 children. All children then go to Pheasant Bank on transition day. On that day, they meet their teachers, see their new classrooms and have lunch in their new school.


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Children then move onto high school, where the majority will attend Rossington All Saints Academy.

We are often invited for multi-skills events where the high school students plan sporting events and competitions.

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