Phonics Stay & Play Comments

On Friday 6th February we arranged a Phonics Stay and Play for Reception parents. The session was similar to our craft stay and makes but with phonics games, computer programmes, learning tools and resources set out for parents to use with their children. 

Phonics in Reception is taught as a structured lesson here in Grange Lane but it is enhanced and supported with various fun and exciting ways throughout the day. 

As Partnership with parents relating to their child’s learning is important to us, we wanted to share these learning strategies and below are some of the comments we received from the session!

" I really enjoyed seeing the development my child has made since September!"

"Learning how to sound each letter helped me the most"

" I really enjoyed the interaction with my child"

"Understanding which words were tricky ones, helped me"

"I liked seeing how the methods had changed and watching the children enjoy learning"

" All the different activities helped to understand phonics"

The session received fabulous, positive comments and we are glad that you enjoyed the time with your child here in the Academy. Along with the great comments, we were also given some suggestions......

"I would be interested in Maths activities too!"

" More meetings or activity mornings would help me further"

" I would like to find out about basic maths learning"

" Another phonics stay and play session please!"

" The information leaflet is helpful, more information"

Your ideas and suggestion are what we need to help us on our way to excellence! We are now going to:

  • Plan a maths stay and make session
  • Open the learning sessions to years 1 and 2 also
  • We have already posted extra information about our reading and phonics learning in the parents tab. Copies of the leaflets given at the phonics stay and play are also on their too.