School Council

Academy Council

What does the Academy Council do?

Grange Lane Aademy Council is made up of two children from each class who meet with Miss Bramhald every half term and talk about how we can make our academy even better.

The school councillors listen to ideas and suggestions from children in their own class. They also let their class know about decisions that have been made by the Council.

School Council Elections

During the Autumn Term, anyone who would like to be on the School Council talk to their class to explain why they are the best person for the job and try to persuade children to vote for them. Ballot papers are handed out and each child votes for one candidate. The boy and girl with the most votes are chosen to represent their class.




Why have a School Council?

The idea of a school council is to encourage children to develop their confidence and responsibility as a ‘citizen’ of the school.

A very important part of school council meetings is being able to listen to other people and respect their views and feelings. They learn more about the skills needed to work co-operatively with others.


DateMinutes of the School Council Meeting                           

We introduced ourselves to each other and talked about what being on the school council means.

We had a look through some catalogues to see what new physical equipment we would like in the KS1 outdoor area and in the playground at playtime and lunchtime.


We were asked to discuss how we could raise money for Children in Need this year. We talked about why we need to raise money and what the money could be spent on. We thought of lots of ideas and decided on a 'Dress Pudsey Bear' competition.


We got together to judge, the 'Dress Pudsey' competition. We had 76 entries from Little Grangers up to Year 2! It was a very hard job as they were all brilliant! Here are some of our competition winners.