Science Club

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Feb 2015 - This half term we have been identifying birds that we might see in our garden.

To try and attract these birds to our garden, we have made bird feeders.

If you would like to try making a bird feeder at home -

You will need:                                                                                                

  • A yoghurt pot
  • String
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Scissors                                                            
  • Microwave
  • Lard
  • Bird Seed
  • Mixed fruit



  • Put the lard into the bowl and ask an adult to melt the lard in the microwave until soft.
  • Pour the bird seed and mixed fruit into the lard.
  • Mix with the spoon.
  • Ask an adult to put a hole in the bottom of the yoghurt pot, big enough to thread the string through.
  • Tie a big knot on the end so the string doesn't come back out.
  • Squash the lard mix into the yoghurt pot and leave to set.
  • Once the lard mix has gone hard again, your bird feeder is ready!
  • Hang the yoghurt pot upside down and tie the string round a tree branch or on a bird table.
  • Finally watch for all the different birds that come to eat your yummy bird snack!






March 2105 

As spring has arrived science club have started to plant seeds to plant in the nature garden. These week they have planted sunflower seeds.






This week we have made our very own Lava Lamps. All you would need to make one at home is: an empty bottle, food colouring, water and oil. 

The Lava lamp works because oil and water do not mix. We had great fun watching the bubbles in the bottle.