Anti Bullying Week continued ....

16th November 2017

We all took part in the ‘Wear Odd Socks’ campaign for Anti-Bullying Week! We had lots of fun showing off our odd socks and the grown-ups joined in too! We talked about the importance of ‘it’s okay to be different’ and what to do if somebody makes you feel upset.

In Reception we talked about differences and similarities in ourselves. We thought about how we could be kind to others to make them feel special and happy. We also talked about what to do if somebody was unkind to us; ignore them, walk away and tell a grown-up. 

Penguins have thought really hard about what makes a good friend. They have written a poem all about what friends should be to one and another and thought really hard about what their friends are like to them. As a class they made a friendship chain and thought about how we need to treat each other in our class to keep the chain joined and how the chain would break if their was unkindness in the class.

In Owls we have made a friendship bracelet, wrote a friendship poem, drew a picture of our friend and made friendship cards.

Our Little Grangers look too cute in their odd socks too.