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  • Harvest

    21st October 2015

    Thank you to everyone who came to watch the harvest assemblies this week. The children had worked very hard learning the words and actions to numerous songs and sang them wonderfully on both days.

    We would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone that contributed towards the harvest collection. Pastor Eric Simpson will be collecting all the produce which will be donated to support local causes and families.


  • Active-Eat-y Club

    15th October 2015

    Thank you to all the parents who came and joined our Active'Eat-Y Club with Sarah from Active Fusion. The club runs every Thursday after school and is open to years 1 and 2. During the session children get to join in some fun and active games plus enjoy healthy foods and treats! We thought it would be great for parents to come and see what happens and join in!

  • Stay & Make Ladybirds

    14th October 2015

    Thank you everyone for the fantastic support you showed Ladybirds class today for their first stay and make session of the year!

    We made spooky, creepy halloweeny items for our craft session. There were so many fantastic ideas and designs, we had pictures, creatures and dangling decorations, all amazing! Take a look!

  • Reception at the High Forest School

    8th October 2015

    We went on a bear hunt, we were gonna catch a big one and we weren't scared!

    Even when we had to stumble trip through the big dark forest making cave buildings!

    Even when we had to swishy swashy through the long wavy grass looking for treasure!

    Even when we had to search through the squelchy squerchy oozy mud for natural forest materials to make our own bear!

    And even when we had to tip toe round the camp fire to get some pop corn!

    We weren't scared of no bear!

  • Parent response

    25th September 2015

  • Macmillan

    25th September 2015

    Thank you to everyone who came for coffee, cake or cupcake on our Macmillan afternoon. The children did a fabulous job making cakes to sell, helping us raise £108.25!

  • Sleep Clinic

    21st September 2015

    The sleep clinic will be running again for parents who would like support through one to one clinics with a trained sleep practitioners.


    There will be a clinic in:


    Rossington Children's Centre  on Wednesday 18th November 2015

    Grantham Street

    New Rossington


    DN11 0TA


    or contact Claire or Carol on 07912 667676 or email

  • New Playground Marking

    16th September 2015

    You may have noticed our new playground markings in the main playground. The children are thoroughly enjoying the new activities, making their playtimes as one child said "really fun!"

  • Leading Parent Partnership (LPPA)

    13th September 2015

    We are still working towards gaining our parent partnership award, which evaluates how well we work with you, the parents and carers of the children within our school. Already this year, we have:

    • Provided information via newsletters, text service and appointments with teaching staff. 
    • Asked if you would like emails adding to how information is shared.
    • Invited parents, carers, grandparents and relations to come and be parent volunteers. We acknowledge the skills our parents have and know that these can make a d
  • Attendance Bear

    17th July 2015

    This is our attendance bear, who is new to the Academy. He is starting in September and will be visiting classes with great attendance. However he's been a bit sad, as up until now he didn't have a proper name. So we asked all of our children to come up with a great name for a great bear. Do you know we gots loads and loads of great ideas, so many we couldn't decide and had to draw one from a hat!


    So............. please meet Granger!      

  • Teddy Bears Picnic

    16th July 2015

    Our final week in the academy is jammed packed full of exciting experiences for all our children. Today was our Teddy Bears Picnic. Everyone brought in their favourite teddy bear to school (whether it was a dinosaur, polar bear, minion, kitten or even rat!) to join them for a day of fun.

    Sarah from our Active Eaty club (which will be running for year 1 children again next year) started the afternoon off with lots of different activities for the children to join in with. They could make bear a hat, design the

  • Circus Skills

    15th July 2015

    Whether it was juggling, plate spinning, hula hooping or stilt walking, everyone was given the chance to be a circus entertainer today!

    It was great fun trying to learn all the different activities we watched Clive do during morning assembly.

  • Sports Day

    10th July 2015

    After weather postponed our sports day on Wednesday, we finally got to compete on Friday. The children had a fantastic morning joining in with various activities set up by the staff and students from Active Fusion. The whole school was given a trophy for a great morning of sport!

  • Multicultural week

    3rd July 2015

    As part of our multicultural week, each class has been learning about a different country; sampling food, speaking their language and even taking part in traditional song and dance!

    Thandi from Doncaster Arts came to work with the children to teach them all about South Africa. Thandi can speak 11 different languages!!! He helped the children learn a traditional Zulu song and dance which the whole school performed together at the end of the day!

  • E Safety

    10th February 2015

    For E Safety Day across all key stages, we read Smartie the penguin. A story about a penguin who receives a laptop for Christmas. He has a song wich reminds him to keep safe on the Internet: 'Before you click, click, click, you'd better think, think, think ...and tell someone"

    Year 2 also designed some e-safety posters as reminders for the rest of the school, some great examples below!