At Grange Lane we have an extensive transition programme both from home or private provision to Nursery and Reception and also from Year 2 to KS2.

In the Foundation stage we have many stay and play days in the Summer Term for parents and children to visit the Nursery and Reception classes, talk to staff and get to know their new environment and the other children. Our staff visit private nurseries and do home visits to share information and ensure the transition process is as smooth as possible. For children with additional needs there are meetings involving other professionals and provision is adapted to ensure we meet the needs of the children. in September there are Stay and Play session to allow parents to talk to teachers as well as an open door policy.

We also have in year transition in school. Again staff share information, children visit their new class to meet their new teacher and class. Staff produce year group information booklets and children discuss transition in PHSE (JigSaw changes). There are information sessions in September with year group expectations shared.

Most of our children move to Pheasant Bank Academy from Year 2. Again we have an extensive transition arrangement with fun days for children to meet staff and the other children in their new school and class. There is a meeting at Pheasant Bank with the opportunity for extra transition for children with additional needs. Pheasant Bank staff visit Grange Lane and relevant information is shared.